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Apr 16,2016

Alexandria for

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Alexandria is currently featured in modeling outfits from different brands.


Nov 12,2015

Alexandria is now represented by Storm Models in London!

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Alexandria is now represented by Storm Models in London, a really iconic agency that we’re sure will bring great things to Alexandria. Make sure to check her portfolio.

Al storm

Nov 04,2015

Alexandria gets placed in Denmark and Germany

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Great news for Alexandria’s European fans! She is now represented by Elite Models in Denmark and Modelwerk in Germany. Check out her profile/portfolio by clicking in the images

Al Modelwerk


Oct 17,2015

Alexandria for

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Alexandria is featured in’s website.



Have you ever been star struck? In grade school my favorite movie was “Napoleon Dynamite”, and Efren Ramirez, the actor who plays “Pedro”, came to a semi-professional hockey game in a town next to mine to sign autographs, and I went and had him sign my “Vote For Pedro” t-shirt. I was so nervous I had to have my little sister ask him to sign it for me!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had to wear for a shoot? I had to wear a fishnet dress for an editorial once.

What’s the band you’re dying to join? Fleetwood Mac, during the “Mirage” tour era. I’ve seen videos from every one of their tours, and that one is definitely my favorite. The passion in the way they played the songs was amazing, and the rage between Stevie and Lindsey seemed to be at a all time high, which I’m sure lead to some juicy drama backstage.


Aug 28,2015

FNM Exclusive: If Alexandria Morgan Wasn’t a GUESS Girl, Her Dream Job Would Be WHAT?

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FNM Exclusive: If Alexandria Morgan Wasn’t a GUESS Girl, Her Dream Job Would Be WHAT?

By FOX News Magazine

GUESS model Alexandria Morgan has what many of us would consider a dream job, shooting glamorous ads for the brand’s latest campaign. But is it her dream job?

Well, yes, it probably is. But that doesn’t mean Morgan hasn’t thought about an alternate career path.

In an exclusive interview with Alexandria, we asked what job she might like if she weren’t a GUESS Girl, but not before inquiring about her beginnings in the industry.

“I feel so blessed and happy to have this experience,” says Morgan.

As she tells us in the video above, Morgan was discovered on Facebook, of all places. “I totally thought it was a scam at first, but I’m glad I went with it,” she says. “I ended up meeting my manager, who then brought me to my agency and started my career.”

“It’s really — I keep saying ‘surreal’ — but that’s the only word I can think of. It’s just surreal.”


We also found out that if Morgan wasn’t doing what she’s doing, she might have taken up another passion professionally: walking dogs. Her mother, however, is very proud of her daughter’s current gig with GUESS — and maybe even a little too proud.

“I told my mom about it, and she went and bought up all the magazines that had my GUESS campaign in it,” Morgan laughs. “She held it up in the store and was like, ‘This is my daughter! This is my daughter!’ So she’s really excited for me.”

For more from Morgan, including her two good reasons for moonlighting as a dog walker, watch the rest of our exclusive interview above. Then after, scroll down to check out a few of her recent modeling shots.



Jul 24,2015

Tezenis Fashion Show video!

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We’ve finally found a video from the Tezenis show, you can see Alexandria’s pose at 0:22.

Jul 23,2015

Tezenis Fashion Show

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Alexandria walked Tezeni’s Fashion Show yesterday (July 23rd) in Verona, Italy.


Jul 11,2015

Meet the Latest Models to Be Named Guess Girls

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Meet the Latest Models to Be Named Guess Girls

The Guess Girl is a time-honored tradition, and over the years many women have portrayed the brand’s sexy, fearless heroine in landmark campaigns. Claudia Schiffer, Adriana Lima, Drew Barrymore, and Anna Nicole Smith have all posed for the label, and landing one of those coveted spots fronting a Guess campaign can propel a girl into a whole new stratum of modeling—just ask Kate Upton.

The brand’s newest faces embody the blond, buxom, and sexy standard set by Smith and Schiffer, but they each bring their own charm to the mix. British bombshell Megan Williams was handpicked by Guess founder Paul Marciano and has fronted the label’s ads for everything from fragrance to handbags. Scouted on Facebook, newbie Alexandria Morgan brings a youthful charm to all her images. Here, the duo tells what it’s like to front an ad for an iconic brand.

What is it like being the face of Guess?

ALEXANDRIA MORGAN: It’s a dream come true because it’s such an iconic American brand. Everyone knows Guess; it’s sexy and it’s fun. I always loved Claudia Schiffer, and just walking the same route that she did is surreal.

MEGAN WILLIAMS: I’ve been working with Guess since I was 18. I started shooting their lookbooks then, and from there I was doing small technical presentations for them, and Paul Marciano saw me and said, “I’m going to take you to L.A., and you’re going to do a campaign.” This will be my seventh Guess campaign now, and it has just been wonderful—at this point the team feels like family.

Guess has such a strong image—what do you feel embodies the ideal Guess girl?

MW: I think it’s more about the confidence of being sexy, like showing your inner sex appeal, your power as a woman. It’s really about strong, independent women, and that’s what makes the campaign images stand the test of time. I think it’s about the confidence—get a pair of Guess jeans and then you’ll be there!

AM: True beauty comes from a good pair of red lips and a swing in your step. Being a Guess Girl is something anybody can do if they just have the right attitude and present themselves as self-assured and upbeat.

Growing up, were there any Guess campaigns that stood out for you?

MW: The black-and-white ones with Anna Nicole Smith are so iconic—always will be. And Claudia Schiffer, just because she is Guess. Everything she’s done with them and Ellen von Unwerth is just incredible. Also, I think Irina Shayk for me was wonderful—she embodies the strong, sexy, confident woman, and I’ve loved every campaign she’s done. Those three, I think, really stick out for me.

AM: Claudia Schiffer’s ads, of course, she’s one of the all-time greats. And I always loved Drew Barrymore’s campaigns, too. She was so sexy in those, and she had the cute, short hair, which was different for Guess but looked so good.

You both have a strong presence on social media—do you feel it is necessary for models these days?

AM: It’s really the best way to connect with fans, one-on-one. I’ve even met a few of my fans in person, and they’re always so sweet, and I love connecting with them online. That’s probably what my favorite part of this is, being able to connect with them, through social media.

MW: I think social media—just putting aside that it is very good for us to promote ourselves—it also gives a model a voice. Often with our jobs, what we’re doing is not our choice what we look like or how we’re presented. It’s nice to have your own voice, your own style, put a bit of your personality across. And I think it’s a big thing for the public to see a bit more of us. People didn’t get to see the realities of modeling as often, prior to social media. It’s not always glamorous, and I think it’s nice for people to be able to see that and connect with you as a person.

How have your friends and family reacted to you being in such a big campaign?

AM: Incredibly amazed and supportive; my parents are just over the moon. We actually live three hours from the closest Guess store, but my dad—starting now, because a little bit of the campaign is slowly coming out—he keeps driving up to the Guess stores in Chicago, just to see if he can spot my pictures there!


Jul 02,2015

Alexandria Morgan Approves of Hockey Play-Off Beards for GQ

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Alexandria is featured today in GQ Magazine’s series of Go-Sees and they shared a new video of Al while at her casting.

Jun 25,2015

New images of Alexandria for GUESS

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We added three new images of Alexandria’s GUESS Accessories campaign, she looks stunning and we can’t wait to see the full campaign!